About Us

Founded in San Francisco on November 2007, Doubleparlour is Ernie and Cassandra
Velasco. They are a husband and wife artistic duo currently living in Guerneville, CA.

Cassandra has a B.A. in Fine Art from Humboldt State
and Ernie is a self taught artist. 

They make hand sculpted and embellished cast resin figures in various sizes and colors. Their work falls somewhere in between art and toys with an emphasis on peculiar, humorous, and melacholy characters. 



2021 Large Glass podcast

2015  Beautiful Bizarre Blog
          Instagram Blog 
2014  We Are Indie Toys book
          Clutter Magazine Issue 20
          Cool Hunting blog
          BelleSF Magazine Issue 
          Nakid Magazine
2013  Breaktrough Artist, Designer Toy Awards, NYC
2012  Hi-Fructose Magazine vol.22
          Lost at E Minor blog
         Jeremyriad blog
          Hi-Fructose blog 
          Artist a Day
          if you can't make it good make it big...
2009  Underground Art School Magazine


2021 Lore group show, Modern Eden Gallery.SF

         3Person Group Show Talon Gallery,     Portland, Oregon

2020 New Growth group show Modern Eden Gallery, SF,CA 

         Yokai Yokai group show Outré Gallery  Melbourne,Australia

2019  Espirit de Corps group show Modern Eden Gallery SF/ Haven Gallery NY

2018  Hi-Fructose Magazine's Art of the Mushroom group show

2017   Love To Death group show group show Modern Eden Gallery, SF,CA

           Flower Child group show Modern Eden Gallery, SF,CA            

2016   Xenoplasm group show Outré Gallery  Melbourne,Australia

2015   Parlour Tricks, My Plastic Heart, NYC 
           The Zealot’s Elixir , Modern Eden Gallery, SF,CA
            Lost Mitten Society Show, Jonathan LeVine Gallery, NYC
            Conjoined V, Copro Gallery, LA,CA 
2014    Toy Art Gallery, LA,CA
            Tenebrous, Clutter Gallery, NY,NY
            The Fourth World, Arch Enemy Gallery, PA
            Entanglement, Bluxome Gallery, SF, CA
            Art of Love, Dragatomi, Sacramento, CA
            Vive La Lolligag, Toy Art Gallery, LA, CA
2013    The Gastromancers, Modern Eden Gallery, SF,CA
             Pink Eye! The Stranger Factory , ABQ,NM
             Fonzo Loves UK, SHO Gallery, UK
             Creature Feature, Left Hand Black, SD,CA
             Music To My Ears, Toy Art Gallery, LA,CA
             Color Ink Book Group Show, WWA gallery, LA,CA
             Fonzo Loves California, Dragatomi, Sacramento,CA
             Troublesome Houses, Public Gallery, louisville, Kentucky
             Playing Dress Up, System Gallery, Newcastle,UK
2012     Trinity , Modern Eden Gallery, SF,CA
             Anomie ,The Stranger Factory , ABQ,NM
             Spoke art Gallery with Jonas Lofgren, SF,CA
             Adrift with Matt136 & Ken Davis 63Bluxome Gallery, SF,CA